Building Permits-Inspections

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To Schedule an inspection for construction related permits: 763-531-1268

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      The City of Robbinsdale Building/Engineering Department is responsible for the administration of the State of MN Building Code which comprises the International Building &/or Residential Code.

      Permits are required for most types of residential or commercial construction (new or alteration), remodeling, home improvements, plumbing and/or mechanical work being done to ensure that the project meets minimum standards to safeguard life, limb, health, property and public safety/welfare by the City of Robbinsdale.  A building Plan Review may be required depending on the scope of work.

      Please Note:  If your project requires a Dumpster/Container, a permit is REQUIRED regardless of the items collected, the length of time it is needed and where the container is placed.   

      The usual process for obtaining a permit is to complete an application and submit the proper documents to the Building/Engineering Department for review.  This process can take 1-10 days depending of the scope of work.

      Electrical work requires a State Electrical Permit that is required to be pulled by a State Licensed Electrician and inspected by the State Electrical Inspector.  For electrical inspections call #763-390-9255.

      Do NOT apply for permits for your contractor.  When the contractor signs the permit application, the contractor is agreeing to do the work according to code.  If you sign a permit application, you are liable for correcting the contractor’s work if it should fall short of City or State building code standards.  Make sure your contractor is applying for the permit and is calling for the required inspection.  Inspection cards are issued with most all permits and need to be displayed near the work area.

      If you are approved to conduct the work as the property owner, a “Property Owner’s Affidavit” is required to be signed and submitted along with the permit application.

      We recommend that you involve the Building/Engineering Department in the initial planning of your project to avoid unnecessary problems along the way.  If you are unsure of whom to contact first or what steps to take, please feel free to contact the Building/Engineering Department at #763-531-1268.

      If you have questions about whether or not a permit is required, please contact #763-531-1268 to speak with the Building Official or a City Engineer.

      Permit Fees:  Fees and surcharges are listed on each individual permit application. 

      Permit Applications & Plan Reviews can be submitted to or faxed to #763-531-1200 or submitted to the Building/Engineering Department directly at City Hall.

      To schedule permit inspections, please call #763-531-1268.  Please have your permit number available.