The City of Robbinsdale is beginning the process of updating its current Comprehensive Plan. Cities, townships, and counties in the seven-county area are required by the Metropolitan Land Planning Act to update their Comprehensive Plans every 10 years to prepare for growth and strengthen connections throughout the region. The updated Comprehensive Plans are due in 2018. The plan is the city’s long range vision for guiding growth, development and change over a 20-year planning period. The will also be a reflection of the community's social and economic values. These values are translated into the type of land use residents desire and programs regarding economic competitiveness, housing, parks, transportation and other key areas. Please check back to this page for updates and more information throughout the process.

DRAFT Comprehensive Plan

Comprehensive Plan Appendix A

Comprehensive Plan Appendix B Executive Summary

Comprehensive Plan Appendix B Chapter 1

Comprehensive Plan Appendix C

Robbinsdale 2040 Council Presentation 02-07-18

For more information about the 2040 Comprehensive Plan process, contact Rick Pearson, Community Development Coordinator at 763-531-1266, or by email at

A public hearing for the Comprehensive Plan was held on Thursday, February 15th with the Planning Commission.

Minutes from April 20, 2017 Comprehensive Plan Open House

Comments from 2nd Comprehensive Plan 2040 Open House